Who is Piranha?

Piranha is the combination of three legendary brands dating back to the 1800’s; Piranha, W.A. Whitney, and Bertsch.

  • Piranha: Since 1974, we have been producing the Piranha ironworker – long recognized as the metal fabrication industry’s Number One brand.
  • Bertsch: Bertsch was founded in 1879, and has earned worldwide recognition as the leader in the manufacturing of innovative, heavy-duty metal rolling equipment. Bertsch has been a Piranha brand since 2003.
  • W.A. Whitney:  W.A. Whitney was founded in 1907, and is a leader in the design and manufacture of laser, plasma, and plasma/punching combination technology for metal plate fabricators. W.A. Whitney has been a Piranha brand since 2004.

Piranha is serious about one thing: making your shop run better.

Our comprehensive line of fabricating equipment helps you deliver the highest quality and the greatest profits. Piranha solutions include fiber lasers, punch-plasma combination machines, plasma cutting machines, heavy-duty hydraulic bending rolls, ironworkers, press brakes, plasma tables, and an extensive line of tooling.

Our team is constantly at work to find new solutions that produce more precise parts, in the least amount of time. We believe in hard work and being great to our clients. We believe in value and durability. Our reputation is at stake with every machine we deliver. We promise to take care of you.

Hear What Piranha Customers Say

Here what customers are saying about Piranha.

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Combination Machine/Laser Testimonial – Jano Tuchnya

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