Who is Piranha?

Piranha is the combination of three legendary brands dating back to the 1800’s; Piranha, W.A. Whitney, and Bertsch.

  • Piranha: Since 1974, we have been producing the Piranha ironworker – long recognized as the metal fabrication industry’s Number One brand.
  • Bertsch: Bertsch was founded in 1879, and has earned worldwide recognition as the leader in the manufacturing of innovative, heavy-duty metal rolling equipment. Bertsch has been a Piranha brand since 2003.
  • W.A. Whitney:  W.A. Whitney was founded in 1907, and is a leader in the design and manufacture of laser, plasma, and plasma/punching combination technology for metal plate fabricators. W.A. Whitney has been a Piranha brand since 2004.

Hear What Piranha Customers Say

Here what customers are saying about Piranha.

Press Brake Testimonial – Michael Dodson

Press Brake Testimonial – Chad Stetler

Combination Machine Testimonial – Eric Friederichs

Laser Testimonial – Mike Copeland

Combination Machine/Laser Testimonial – Jano Tuchnya

Plasma Table Testimonial

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