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Piranha HD Plasma Table: High Definition Plasma Cutting + Heavy Duty Plasma Tables

You need an HD plasma cutting table. We have choices. HD Plasma comes in many forms, but when Piranha says “HD Plasma”, you get the real thing – Piranha quality, with the options you need to get the job done right.

Consider Piranha’s complete, ready-to-cut 5×10 Heavy Duty Plasma Table, including the powerful Hypertherm Powermax 125, starting at just $86,900. If you need something more powerful, we offer our exceptional Piranha quality, USA support, and brute strength in High Definition plasma cutting all the way up to the 300 amp Hypertherm XPR 300.

Our HD Series CNC plasma cutting machines are designed for near LASER cut quality at a plasma cutting level of investment. Reach us today to explore ways we can help you decrease your cost per part and send your productivity skyrocketing – with the right plasma cutting machine to match the job.

If our HD Plasma products are more than you need, please check out the exceptional value of our reliable and durable C Series CNC plasma table, or our latest addition, B Series plasma tables starting at $14,995!

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Put 140 years of industry experience to work for you! Use what our team knows about metal fabrication to help you improve your production and increase your profit.

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HD Series High Definition Plasma Table

5x10 HD Plasma Table

Piranha HD Plasma tables provide near LASER cut quality for a significantly lower investment than fiber LASER cutting. That makes Piranha HD plasma tables an excellent value for precision cutting, at a cost lower than competing plasma cutters.

  • 5″x10″
  • Welded frame – not bolt together
  • Hypertherm CNC controls with shape library and easy to use interface
  • Panasonic servo motors – high power for good contour definition and 800 IPM rapid speed
  • Dual side drives for better positioning accuracy
  • Zoned downdraft table with six zones for efficient fume extraction
  • Breakaway torch with sensors
  • Hypertherm plasma systems available in Powermax 125, MAXPRO200, HPR130XD, HPR260XD, XPR300
    • Note: Powermax 125 and MaxPro 200 are not HyDefinition® (HD) or HyPerformance® (XPR) plasma systems.

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Piranha Plasma Advantages

  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION An all-welded steel frame means you get the precision alignment plasma cutting you expect from a name like Piranha. You’ll be producing quality cuts for years with our high-accuracy linear guide and bearings.
  • DUAL SIDE DRIVE With motors on both sides of the Y-axis, we give you maximum stability and the highest quality part.
  • CNC CONTROL This fully integrated system is ready to take on any design or part you throw at it. With an extensive shape library, and LCD monitor – we have you operating like a fabricator should.
  • PANASONIC SERVO MOTORS AND DRIVES Giving you the high performance you demand these powerful servo motors (yes real servo motors, not stepper motors) on the X and Y axis keep your machine on the move.
  • AFFORDABLE A solid, high-quality standard or HD plasma table at a surprisingly low price.
  • DOWN DRAFT EXHAUST SYSTEM We took the hassle out of waste disposal by eliminating messy sludge of water tables. Our pre-vented duct work with an exhaust fan for plasma cutting dust extraction means your shop stays nice and clean.
  • MICROSTEP PROGRAMMABLE TORCH HEIGHT CONTROL Consistent programmable torch height control means you re getting the perfect part from your plasma table every time.
  • BREAKAWAY TORCH MOUNTING Your torch stays protected from inadvertent part tip ups.

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