Scotchman™ Ironworker Machine Tooling by Piranha

Genuine Piranha replacement tooling for Scotchman ironworker machines. Standard sizes of tooling to fit your Scotchman ironworker machine are in stock and available for same-day shipment. All standard shapes of non-stock tooling will ship within 48 hours, regardless of size. We know that fast delivery is important to you, and we have created manufacturing methods to provide you with the fastest delivery in the industry.

Scotchman™ Ironworker Machines

Scotchman™ Ironworker Machine Punches and Dies

Model Uses Punch Uses Die
Scotchman™ Ironworker Machine Model: 207, 314, 314C6, 314T, 424, 4014C, 4014CM, 4014T, 4060B, 5014, PRO-FAB 45 BF BG
Scotchman™ Ironworker Machine Model: 2450, 5024, 5075, 6012, 6509, 7012, 7575, 9012, 9075, 12012, 9012, 9075, 12012, FI-5009, FI-5109, FI-6008, FI-8507, DO-70, DO-100, XL MODELS EA JC
1-1/2 Oversized EF JG
Over 1-1/2 Oversized SP RS

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