1. Make sure the hold-down adjustment lever is in the straight-up position.
    • Older machines have a pin rather than a lever. No adjustment is necessary.
  2. Adjust the coupling nut so that it is flush with the top of the swing bolt.
  3. Push the hold-down up against the coupling nut.
  4. Start the machine and jog the arm down while watching the angle block as it moves down towards the table.
  5. Ensure that the angle block touches both sides of the table at exactly the same time.
  6. If not, adjust the nyloc nuts on the left and right sides of the hold-down adjustment lever to pull the angle block in the appropriate direction.
    • Older machines have removable chrome caps and socket head bolt. The adjustment procedure is the same.
  7. Fine tune the placement of the urethane block by adjusting the coupling nut on the swing bolt.