Die Clearance Calculator

Punch and Die Clearance Matters

welcome to our die clearance calculator.

The correct die clearance calculation between punch and die based on material thickness and strength is critical to punching accuracy and safety. Die clearance is sometimes misunderstood or miscalculated, and the result of getting this wrong is dangerous.

Example: You can’t punch a hole with a one inch punch and a one inch die. The proper and safe clearance between the punch and the die will be different based on the size of hole you are punching, the material thickness, and the material hardness.

Use this tool to help determine the correct die size based on the suggested minimal die clearance.

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NOTE OF CAUTION: Calculations are approximate. Die clearance requirements and ability to safely punch required hole depends on quality of equipment and tooling. Piranha is not responsible for inaccuracies of results. Due to extreme pressures generated when punching, care must be taken to not exceed the strength of the tooling.

For example, when punching through 60,000 psi material, NEVER attempt to punch a hole smaller in diameter than material thickness. Additional safety margins must be considered if tensile strength of material is higher than 60,000 psi.