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Find Your Tooling Fast!

Find your punch and die tooling by either your Machine Brand and Model, or by Tooling Brand.

Machine Brand

Tooling Brand

Standard Combination Tooling Styles

Choose from the available tooling styles (28XX, 36TC, or 44TC) to find the right punch or die. You may reference the table below if you’re not sure which style you need.
Machine Tooling Style
3400 HEAVY – 55T 36TC
3400 HEAVY – 75T 36TC
3400 HXT – 55T 36TC
3400 HXT – 75T 36TC
3400 RTC – 40T 36TC
3400 XP – 40T 36TC
3400XP – 55T 36TC
3500ATC – 33T 36TC
3500ATC – 40T 36TC
3600ATC – 40T 36TC
3700ATC – 40T 36TC
3700SST – 55T 36TC
4400 MAX – 70T 44TC
4400 MAX-100T 44TC
647 Custom 28XX
647 PLUS – 40T 36TC
647 PLUS-II – 40T 36TC
647ATC – 40T 36TC
657 28XX
661 – 40T 36TC
661ATC – 60T 36TC
Enter what you know – part number, description, etc. Search results will be refined as you type.

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