Piranha-Whitney LASERs

So fast, it’s almost like time travel.

Piranha fiber LASER cutting machines are packed with exclusive technology to blow your current production speeds out of the water.

Piranha manufactures a comprehensive line of cutting and forming equipment for the metal plate fabrication market. Piranha-Whitney is the recognized leader in plate technology and its products serve the global transportation, agricultural and construction equipment industries.

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Piranha-Whitney LASER: Heavy Duty Cutting Head
Piranha-Whitney LASER: A Better Brain
Piranha-Whitney LASER: Nitrogen Cutting Made Affordable
Piranha-Whitney LASER: Rapid Pierce Cycle
Piranha-Whitney LASER: High Tech Construction

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PlateLASER 1530  PlateLASER 3060
Standard Power 2kW 4kW
Optional Power 4kW, 6kW, 12kW 6kW, 12kW
Drive Type X-Axis – Linear Motor X-Axis – Linear Motor
Y-Axis – Linear Motor Y-Axis – Linear Motor
Z-Axis – Linear Motor Z-Axis – Linear Motor
Pallet Swap 10 seconds 90 seconds
Metric Imperial Metric Imperial
Working Area – Max 1.5 X 3.0 m 60 X 120 in 3.1 x 6.2 m 122 x 244 in
Max Processed Material 924  kg 2,037 lb 4,536 kg 10,000 lb
Approx Footprint 4.4 X 10.7 m 14.4 X 35.2 ft 7.6 x 17.1 m 24.8 x 56 ft
Z Axis Range 150 mm 6 in 150 mm 6 in
Positioning Speed – X 190 m/min 7,480 IPM 130 m/min 5118 IPM
Positioning speed – Y 190 m/min 7,480 IPM 130 m/min 5118 IPM
Accelerations – X & Y 22.6 m/s2 2.3  g 12 m/s2 1.2 g
Accuracy – X & Y 0.05 +/- mm 0.002 +/- inch 0.05 +/- mm 0.002 +/- in
Repeatability 0.05 +/- mm 0.002 +/- inch 0.05 +/- mm 0.002 +/- in



Our productivity engineers will run time studies on various fiber LASER configurations to help you determine the most efficient size for your application.

2kW 4kW 6kW 12kW
PlateLASER 1530  (1.5mx3.0m) S O O O
PlateLASER 2040 (2.0mx4.0m) S O O O
PlateLASER 3060 (3.0mx6.0m)  S O O

S = Standard
O = Optional


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