Fiber LASER Metal Cutting Machines

CNC Fiber LASER Metal Cutting Machines

starting at $199,900

Backed by the Piranha and Whitney commitment to quality, our CNC fiber LASER metal cutting machine lines use our exclusive technology, delivering:

  • Decreased metal cutting operation costs
  • Increased production speeds

NEW! FLEX Series Fiber LASER:
Piranha’s latest fiber LASER line provides extreme durability and economy.

  • 3kW Machines Start at Only $249,000
  • 6kW Machines Start at Only $285,900
  • Machines From 3kW to 20kW and 5’x10′ to 8’x20′

1kW to 20kW Metal Cutting LASER Options Available
Our CNC LASER cutter machine lines range from 1kW to our incomparable 20kW PlateLaser.
Let Piranha Help You Determine Your Power Needs

E Series Fiber LASER

E510 Fiber LASER

1, 2, or 3kW

FLEX Series Fiber LASER

Flex Series LASER

5’x10′ to 8’x20′
3kW to 20kW


PlateLASER 1530

4, 6, and 12kW

More Sizes and Powers Available Upon Request

More Models Available

Up To 10’x60′

Begin building your perfect Piranha Shop today!

Fast and Efficient

Our CNC fiber LASER cutters are fast!

Your operation requires quick, seamless metal cutting processes to keep production humming and your customers satisfied. You can rely on our metal LASER cutters to deliver the durability, precision and reliability that your metal cutting operation demands.

With a wide variety of fiber LASER metal cutting machines, from 1kW to 20kW, and options for multiple LASER cutting assist gas types, we can help you become more efficient than ever.

Piranha offers a comprehensive range of thermal metal cutting solutions to meet your needs. Not sure which is right for your application? Review our comparison chart to see which option best suits your operation.


Fiber LASER Cutters Introduction

More Fiber LASER Videos

Our CNC fiber LASER Cutting History

Our CNC LASER Cutting Machines Background

Whitney (now Piranha-Whitney) has been designing and building CNC LASERs since their inception.

  • 1980: In 1980, the first Whitney CO2 LASER was sold.
  • 1986: In 1986, a combination punch LASER FMS system including 128 punching tools, material loading and unloading, and part removal was installed and put into production.
  • 1993: The move toward flying option LASER led to the Whitney LG3300 CO2 gantry LASER in 1993.
  • 1999: The PlateLASER 6000 was the first 6kW CO2 LASER to market in 1999, soon followed by the 10’ x 20’ 7kW PlateLASER-II.
  • 2013: Piranha-Whitney introduced the first 6kW fiber LASER with the PlateLASER fiber in 2013.
  • 2016: Piranha-Whitney introduced the 12kW PlateLASER 1530 in 2016.
  • 2020: Piranha-Whitney offers a wide range of CNC fiber LASER cutters starting with E-Series CNC fiber LASER (1kW, 2kW, or 3kW), moving up in capabilities and power is our L-series CNC fiber LASER (1kW to 4kW), then the M-series CNC fiber LASER (4 to 6kW), and the most powerful and capable P-series CNC fiber LASER (4 to 12kW high speed).
  • 2023: Piranha introduces the new FLEX Series LASER, in sizes from 5’x10′ to 8’x20′ and LASER powers from 3kW to 20kW.