CNC Plasma Tables

Piranha Plasma Tables are Tough, Capable, and Affordable.

complete plasma tables starting at $8,999

CNC plasma tables by Piranha provide a broad range of cutting solutions. Designed for top-notch cut quality, a Piranha plasma table is durable enough to run full production for years, yet nimble enough to cut intricate shapes with ease. Piranha is here to help you select the best CNC plasma cutting table to meet your specific needs.

NEW A Series CNC Plasma Table:
Piranha’s latest plasma table line provides the durability of Piranha in an economical package. The Piranha A Series Plasma Table is perfect for your hobby to light industrial cutting needs.
Complete Systems Start at Only $8,999 Including Hypertherm POWERMAX 45XP

A Series Plasma Tables

5×5 and 5×10 Plasma Tables

A Series
Starting at $8,999
(or $5999 for Table-Only)

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B Series CNC Plasma Table:
Our B Series plasma table line has many of the high end features also found on our C Series CNC plasma table, and only is short some of the things you don’t need at lighter duty cutting cycles.

B Series 4x8 Plasma Table

4×8 Plasma Table

B Series
Starting at $15,199
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B Series 5x10 Plasma Table

5×10 Plasma Table

B Series
Starting at $16,799
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C Series CNC Plasma Table:
The Piranha C Series CNC plasma table line provides a reliable quality plasma cutting solution at a low investment level, making Piranha quality and durability attainable for a broad range of shops.

C Series 4x8 Plasma Table

4×8 Plasma Table

C Series
Starting at $21,950
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C Series 5x10 Plasma Table

5×10 Plasma Table

C Series
Starting at $21,950
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HD Series CNC PlAsma Table:
The Piranha HD Plasma Table line provides near LASER cut quality for a significantly lower investment than fiber LASER cutting machines. A Piranha HD plasma table is an excellent value for precision CNC cutting, at a cost lower than competing plasma cutter tables.

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Advantages That Make a Difference

Advantages of a Piranha CNC plasma table include:

  • Rugged construction: An all-welded steel frame means you get the precision alignment CNC plasma table cutting you expect from a name like Piranha. You’ll be producing quality cuts for years with our high-accuracy linear guide and bearings.

  • Dual side drive: With motors on both sides of the Y-axis, we give you maximum stability and the highest quality part from your CNC plasma table.

  • CNC control: This fully integrated system is ready to take on any design or part you throw at it. With an extensive shape library, and LCD monitor – we have you operating like a fabricator should.

  • Microstep programmable torch height control: Consistent programmable torch height control means you’re getting the perfect part from your plasma table every time.

  • Breakaway torch mounting: Your CNC plasma cutter torch stays protected from inadvertent part tip ups.

A Model for Every Need

We offer CNC plasma tables in sizes 4×4, 4×8, and 5×10 with a wide range of available plasma cutters from a 45 Amp Hypertherm PowerMAX all the way up to the 300 Amp Hypertherm XPR300. Build your perfect plasma table today.

Piranha offers a comprehensive range of thermal metal cutting solutions to meet your needs. Not sure which is right for your application? Review our comparison chart to see which option best suits your operation – whether it is a plasma table, combination punch plasma, or fiber LASER machine.

Piranha Plasma Table Video