Note: Machine may have either adjustment caps if a newer machine or socket-head bolts if an older model.

  1. Run the machine to full up and shut it off.
  2. Remove the die from the die block to avoid damage to tooling.
  3. The punch should extend just past the bottom of the lower stripper foot. Hold a flat surface to the stripper foot to determine the position of the punch.
  4. On newer machines, loosen the set screws on the adjustment caps. On older machines, remove the chrome caps from the adjustment bolts.
  5. Turn the machine on and run it down to where the stripper foot just touches the die block. This relieves the pressure on the caps or bolts and will allow them to turn freely.
  6. Adjust the caps or bolts so that half of the centering tip of the punch protrudes below the die block. Run the machine up if necessary.
  7. After adjusting the punch, run the machine down again, making sure that the stripper foot touches both sides of the die block at exactly the same time. Adjust if necessary.
  8. Lock the set screws on newer machines or replace the chrome caps on older machines.