Voltage Change on Single Operator Piranha Ironworkers

To change the voltage from 230 volts to 480 volts or 480 volts to 230 volts on single operator P-model Piranha Ironworkers, follow these 4 basic steps.

Please consult the factory for direction if you have questions.

Make sure the power to the machine is off.

  1. Open the onside door and remove the enclosure lid. The three heater strips directly to the left of the reset button need to be changed. Consult the factor or your owner’s manual for the necessary size for the appropriate voltage.
  2. The jumper bars on the transformer need to be rearranged. For a 230-volt setting, they should be split, as indicated on the transformer and in the owner’s manual. For a 480-volt setting, they should be stacked in the middle location, as indicated on the transformer and in the owner’s manual.
  3. The primary fuse above the transformer must be changed. Consult the owner’s manual or the decal located to the right of the serial number plate on the machine. The secondary fuse on the transformer does not need to be changed.

Replace the enclosure lid and close the onside door.

  1. Open the drop-side door and remove the motor-cover plate. Rearrange the wires according to the wiring diagram printed on the motor or in the owner’s manual.

Replace the motor-cover plate and close the drop-side door.

For other voltages, please consult the factory for direction.