“It is crazy fast.”

“Es muy rápido.”

“It’s real fast. I couldn’t believe how fast it is. We could put out a lot of parts with that.”

“I think it’s the fastest LASER I’ve seen.”

“So unexpected and fast. Scared me a little bit – I jumped.”

“It was like a piranha fish just coming right at you.”

“When I saw how fast it was, I was like ‘Holy s***!’”

“The fiber optic and being able to change the modular out and not be down – I think that’s a big, important thing and their material handling is a pretty nice system also.”

“The speed and the thickness and variety of materials it can cut. The pallet changing system is pretty awesome too.”

“La mesa de intercambio de pales es muy rápida.”

“It was really impressive, how fast it moves. I haven’t seen a machine that moves and cuts as fast as this one.”

“I was actually kind of scared. It was scary. It moves so fast.”

“Very impressive. We have LASERs in our shop that are far smaller. The speed and the quality are just outstanding.”