Piranha Plasma Tables

Piranha’s plasma cutting machines set a new standard for light industrial metal fabrication. They have a lot of features not normally found at this price point.

The machine base is a solid framework of welded structural tubing, not formed sheet metal that is bolted together. Precision linear guides and racks are mounted on machined surfaces. This line of plasma tables is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use in a fabrication shop.

The robust bridge is also fabricated from structural tubing. Twin linear guides mounted on precision machined surfaces provide a stable foundation for the torch. Powerful Panasonic servo motors drive both sides of the bridge in the y-axis and the torch carrier in the x-axis.

While other manufacturers use inexpensive stepper motors that have no feedback capability to the control, Piranha uses true servo motor technology for the highest consistency and precision.

Torch positioning is accomplished with initial height sensing and arc voltage feedback, while a pneumatic breakaway torch mounting protects the torch against part tip-ups.

Our CNC control is operator friendly and has a full complement of parametric shapes that are common in the metal fabrication industry.

Piranha uses a downdraft table, not water. Dry slag is easily collected in trays beneath the table surface. There is no need for difficult clean-out and disposal of wet sludge.

Most importantly, these machines are backed by the number one name for customer satisfaction and metal fabrication: Piranha.

Call us today to see how a Piranha plasma cutting machine can meet your metal fabrication needs.