CNC Fiber LASER Assist Gas

CNC Fiber LASER Assist Gas


There are a variety of ways to present nitrogen, oxygen, or air assist gas to the CNC fiber LASER. Allow us to explain the benefits or drawbacks of each assist gas.

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CNC LASER Cutter Assist Gas

Nitrogen LASER Cutting

  • High Pressure Bottles: Nitrogen is available in high pressure bottles. This is the most expensive and requires multiple bottles with a manifold to achieve the required gas flow rate.
  • Liquid Nitrogen: Liquid nitrogen is available and the cost per cubic foot is dramatically reduced compared to high pressure bottles. The gas in the liquid packs will warm up and be released to the atmosphere when not in use and there is a loss of gas. Bulk systems place the nitrogen outside the facility and deliver it to the LASER via dedicated piping lines. The gas supplier usually leases the tank and support systems, filling the tank on demand or on a schedule. This is commonly used in multiple machine installations. Upfront costs for the facility and the lease should be evaluated.
  • Nitrogen Generation: Nitrogen can be generated on-site using special nitrogen generation systems. The investment for a generation system is high, but the ongoing cost to produce the gas is very low, primarily the cost of electricity and system maintenance. One system will support one LASER.

Oxygen LASER Cutting

  • Oxygen is used at much lower flow rates than nitrogen and can be supplied economically by high pressure bottles or liquid packs.

Air Assist LASER Cutting

  • Air assist gas must be very dry and pure. Regular shop air is not used. A special compressor, dryer, and filtration system is required. Air cutting is practical when cutting thin carbon steel. For occasional use, high pressure bottles can be used.

Nitrogen (N2) Assist Gas Options

  • High pressure bottles
    • Most expensive
    • Multiple bottles with manifold (6 pack) to achieve flow
  • Liquid pack
    • Affordable
    • Blow-off creates waste if system is idol
  • Bulk
    • Large bulk system expensive to install
    • Lines must be run to machine
  • Generated
    • Least expensive per SCFH
    • Nitrogen generator with appropriate flow, pressure, and purity must be purchased

Oxygen (O2) Assist Gas Options

  • High pressure bottles
    • Low pressure and flow requirements makes bottles reasonable
  • Liquid pack
    • Recommended when there is a high volume of O2 cut parts

Air Assist Gas Options

  • Special compressor, dryer, and filtration system required
  • High pressure bottles available for occasional use

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