When using a hydraulic press brake, the goal is to repeatedly produce the highest quality part in the fastest amount of time. With the Piranha Easy Crown system, we’ve made that even easier by creating a machine that bypasses one of the most common problems when using a press brake: deflection.

Deflection occurs because a tremendous amount of force is being applied to the machine by the Y1 and Y2 cylinders, which cases the bed of the machine to bend in the middle. It used to be up to the operator to compensate for the deflection by performing a mechanical shimming process. This was done by using paper or metal shims in between the bed of the machine and the tool, elevating the tool in the middle. The operator had to use trial and error to determine where and exactly how much to use, using valuable time and money.

When we selected the Piranha design of our CNC press brakes, we looked for an easier solution for our customers. We found it in the Piranha Easy Crown system. Hydraulic cylinders mounted in the bottom of the machine move a fraction of an inch based on the amount of force required to form your part. This allows you to create a flat, even surface throughout your entire bending process without any costly guesswork by the operator – it’s all handled by our Delem controller.

If you do experience some abnormality in the material that requires you to make a change, it’s easily done within the Delem controller. Whether it be due to material thickness or a hard spot in the material, simply enter the corrections tab and hit the calculate corrections button. Measure your bend on the left, right, and in the middle and enter these values into the appropriate boxes. The machine will adjust the program for an even more precise bend.

It’s truly that easy with the Piranha Easy Crown system. If you have any questions, give us a call or check out our website.