How to Program Custom Materials Into Delem DA 6060 Controller

When starting out with your new Piranha Press Brake, there’s a limited amount of data in the material library in your Delem DA 6060 controller. There’s an easy way to add any material to the database. All you need is a material cert provided from your source that lists the tensile strength of the material you’re using.

Go to settings and access the tab labelled “Materials.”
Scroll down to find an empty line.
Plug in the name of your new material.
Enter the tensile strength of the new material in tons per square inch.
The controller will calculate the other two values, “E” and “n” automatically.

Press Brake Testimonial – Michael Dodson, SleepSafe Beds

I’m Michael Dodson with SleepSafe Beds and I’m the Fabrication Supervisor here. I started in welding fabrication when I was about 12 or 13 years old. My stepfather was a welding instructor for the United States Army and it just has progressed on from there. It’s something that I’ve done that I’ve just really enjoyed, and for the most part, it’s the only thing I’m good at. I’ve been here since 2008. Our product is a safety bed that is designed for special-needs people for in-home use. Our customers know that they’re getting a top-quality product. Our customer service is probably the best in the industry.

Press Brake Testimonial – Chad Stetler, Apex Engineering, Inc.

I’m Chad Stetler, and I’m a production manager. I work here at Apex Engineering here in Wichita, Kansas. I’m really proud to work here. I’ve been involved in the growth of the company over the last 19 years and every day is a new day. We’re in aircrafts, so we build everything from small details – pots and pans, as we call it – to full integrated assemblies. I think our products are important to our customers that we have because we build a quality part and we meet the demand of what they need. [It] keeps our airplanes safe and it keeps our people safe. A good quality product is very important. Our need for the [Piranha] press brake started off when we had a job that we were looking at doing that was over 8-foot. [We needed] 10-foot long parts and the [press brake] we currently have isn’t in the best of shape to cover parts that long.

Piranha Hydraulic Press Brake Story

What goes into a Piranha press brake? While our current models are relatively new, we’ve actually been building press brake since 1998. We designed and engineered some great machines like the single-cylinder and dual-cylinder press brakes that our customers still like, even today. But the price of steel in fabrication in the U.S. was just too cost-prohibitive.  After we stopped production, our customers and dealers began asking us to build a press brake again.  They liked our machine, and more importantly we took care of them. They also liked having one place where they could buy or get service for any fabricating equipment they had in their shop.

Piranha Hydraulic Press Brake Perfect Machine Process

At the Megafab Tech Center, we want to make sure every machine we produce is perfect before it leaves our facility. To do so, we use what we call the “Perfect Machine Process.” This process is a set of procedures and checks we go through from the moment your order is placed until it’s installed in your facility. We check the speed accuracy of our machine’s components, right down to the fit and finish of every part.