At the Piranha/Megafab Tech Center, we want to make sure every hydraulic press brake machine we produce is perfect before it leaves our facility. To do so, we use what we call the “Perfect Machine Process.” This process is a set of procedures and checks we go through from the moment your order is placed until it’s installed in your facility. We check the speed accuracy of our machine’s components, right down to the fit and finish of every part.

The flip book for our press brake machines consists of 26 pages with 50 separate checkpoints that we inspect to make sure each machine is perfect. On our press brakes, we check gib clearance, x-axis repeatability, ram speed, ram repeatability, ram alignment, and the safety circuit – just to name a few. We also create a backup stick for the machine.

We wrap up the Perfect Machine Process with a final walk-around, where our production manager takes one last look at the machine to make sure that it’s not only good, it’s Piranha perfect. That’s when we apply the Piranha decal as the final stamp of approval.

Our goal is a perfect machine ready for installation in your shop. Give us a call today so we can begin production on your Piranha hydraulic press brake.

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