What goes into a Piranha hydraulic press brake machine? While our current models are relatively new, we’ve actually been building press brake since 1998. We designed and engineered some great machines like the single-cylinder and dual-cylinder press brakes that our customers still like, even today. But the price of steel in fabrication in the U.S. was just too cost-prohibitive. After we stopped production, our customers and dealers began asking us to build a press brake again. They liked our machine, and more importantly we took care of them. They also liked having one place where they could buy or get service for any fabricating equipment they had in their shop.

After doing some investigation, we discovered that with our design, engineering, and manufacturing know-how, we could develop a fantastic line of press brakes by globally sourcing components, assembling and inspecting them at our plant in Rockford, Illinois. We went in search of world-class partners, including CNC controls from the Netherlands, servo motors and drives from Japan, fabrications and machining from China, and hydraulic systems from Germany. When we chose our design, we focused on things that were important to our customers.

We’re much more than an importer or a representative working out of a warehouse. When you pair our top-notch machines with our promise to be there when you need us, you can feel confident that you’ve got a partner you can trust to help increase your bottom line.

When components arrive in Rockford, their first stop is our paint booth. Then the press brake moves to the assembly area where we first install the hydraulic power unit and cylinders. It’s critical to us to use high quality, name-brand components in every machine we assemble. We know customers want to eliminate guesswork and save as much time as possible, so it is important to us to have a hydraulic crowning system. We call it “easy-crown,” and it comes standard on press brakes with 90 or more tons of bending force. To ensure customer satisfaction, we needed to have robust mechanical systems, including a heavy-duty back gauge that’s one of the strongest in the industry. Control systems are the key to productivity, and with that in mind we chose Delem – the global leader in CNC control systems. Delem controls give our customers more options, as well as minimizing the learning curve for operators already familiar with Delem systems.

Finally, as part of our Perfect Machine Process, we do a final inspection with 50 check points to make sure the machine is ready for installation in your shop floor. That’s when it gets the Piranha decal as our final stamp of approval.

We at Piranha hope this behind-the-scenes look at our press brake line has shown you the quality and care that goes into each and every hydraulic press brake machine. Give us a call to see which model is right for you.