0.672 44TC Style Die (Round)

0.672 44TC Style Die (Round)

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0.672 44TC Style Die (Round)

Style:Die 2-3/4, 3-3/4, 4 OD (slug spike retaining 5/8-1″ thick matl)

Die Clearance and Tonnage

Calculate Correct Die Clearance

The correct clearance between punch and die based on material thickness and strength is critical to punching accuracy and safety. Die clearance is sometimes misunderstood or miscalculated, and the result of getting this wrong is dangerous.

Example: You can’t punch a hole with a one inch punch and a one inch die. The proper and safe clearance between the punch and the die will be different based on the material thickness and hardness. The suggested die size for a one inch punch in 1/4 inch mild steel is 1.0329 or greater.

Use this tool to help determine the correct die size based on the suggested minimal die clearance.

Die Clearance Calculator

How much punching force do you need?

Use this handy tool to find out.

Punch Tonnage Calculator

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0.672 44TC Style Die (Round)

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4 OD (slug spike retaining 5/8-1" thick matl)

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