Plasma Punch Automation

We developed the automation systems for our Piranha-Whitney Plasma Punch Combination around the principles of:

  • Immediate parts availability
  • Lowest operator involvement
  • Heavy duty, rugged equipment, built to last

CNC Automation At Its Best

Designed for Efficiency

Our automation systems:

  • Remove parts from the machine immediately, as soon as they are finished – Important for single piece flow (JIT) environments.
  • Sort and stack parts with no operator involvement
  • Remove skeletons separately from the parts, and stacks them automatically – Operators do not need to remove parts from the skeleton
  • Handle maximum machine capacities

Not only can the plasma punch machine RUN in an unattended operation, but it also produces parts that can move to the next operation AS-IS with no secondary sorting or handling operations!

PlatePARTNER (3400 XP, 3400 HEAVY, 3700 SST)

  • Semi-automatic loading of material sheets
  • Eliminates loading with fork trucks or overhead cranes
  • Available for up to 1,800# of plate 2m x 3m (80″ x 120″) material

PlatePARTNER Gantry (3400 XP, 3400 HEAVY, 3700 SST)

  • Automatic plate loading
  • Automatic cycle control
  • Material storage and retrieval
  • Available for up to 1,800# of 2m x 3m (80″ x 120″) material

Skeleton Removal Table (3400 XP, 3400HEAVY)

  • Stacks skeletons beneath the left or right hand support table
  • Machine is immediately available for the next sheet of material
  • Available for up to 2m x 3m (80″ x 120″) material


  • Automatic loading of material sheets
  • Automatic cycle start
  • Automatic skeleton removal
  • Automatic large part removal and stacking
  • Available for up to 1,000# of 1.5m x 3.0m(60″ x 120″) material

Conveyor Feed Loader

  • Automatic loading of material into work clamps
  • Automatic cycle control
  • Available in multiple plate lengths and widths
  • Available for plate thicknesses up to 1″

Conveyor Feed Unloader

  • Remove skeletons
  • Powered or unpowered
  • Available in multiple plate lengths and widths
  • Available for plate thicknesses up to 1″

PartSCHEDULER™ Automation Software

Available on NEW 3400 XP Automated Systems

PartSCHEDULER makes it possible for automated solutions to run in an unattended environment.

Features of PartSCHEDULER are:

  • Automatically loops programs the desired number of times
  • Continually selects the next programs in priority sequence
  • Initiates cycle start automatically for truly unattended operation
  • Selects programs from networks
  • Time and date stamp for job history

Need More Tools? The Tool Caddy increases tooling capacity by 21 for the 3400XP, 3400HEAVY and 3400HXT. Unique software tracks each tool by tool number, not station number, so you never need to move tools again. An economical way to minimize tool preparation time.