Combination Machine Testimonial – Jano Tuchnya, Sonnex

My name is Jano Tuchnya. I’m the director of Sonnex. We are involved in manufacturing. I love mechanical engineering and manufacturing and installations. I managed to surround myself with people like myself who were willing to work day and night to pull off the project. We are little bit different in terms of really having heart for customers. I used to be consumer of parts and I realized that there is a need for somebody to supply parts on demand but keep their word. The pressure is huge, but we have a reputation in the marketplace that we deliver. It is very important to be able to deliver reliably in whatever we do. We are the only people in Australia that can manufacture some of these parts. We have a contract cutting for one big company here in Adelaide which exports the part. They came to us for this single capability that we can do intricate parts in 20 millimeters on that Whitney laser. There were about ten laser cutting companies in Adelaide but nobody has the size, so we are the only people that can cut longer than three meters. 

Combination Machine Testimonial – Eric Friederichs, Master Metal Products

My name is Eric Friederichs. I am the president of Master Metal Products. I’ve been working here for 45 years.  I started [working here] as a high school job, cleaning the shop. Then I learned how to run all the machines over the years and ended up purchasing the business.

I’m proud to work at Master Metal Products because [we have] great customer service. Our ability to turn around customer jobs as quickly as they need them [is] in large part because of the equipment we run.  We do anything from mining equipment to transportation industry to defense – [we have] a lot of defense work. Our product’s very important to a lot of our clients because we do a lot of “just-in-time” manufacturing. When a customer comes in they usually need their parts in one to two days. With our ongoing production work, to fit that in is always a challenge, but with the Whitney 3700, it’s easy to do change-overs to run different products.

Piranha-Whitney Combination Machine Overview

The Piranha-Whitney Combination Machine is the perfect solution when you have complex, multi-step parts that require the best in accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Piranha-Whitney Combination Machines will put more parts on the floor at the end of the day in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum than any other process.

Piranha-Whitney Combination Machines consistently beat laser cutters, plasma cutters, and water jet machines and make parts for far less cost.

Combination Table Tips – Improve Plasma Cut Quality

To improve the straightness of your cut when using a Punch Plasma Combination Table, simply loosen the knob, adjust the scale to the right about half a millimeter, tighten the knob and you’re ready to go with a more efficient cut. If you have any more questions about improving your plasma cut quality, give us a call.