CNC Fabricators

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CNC Fabricators – Single Punch with 2-axis Gauging

  • Up to 445 kN (50 tons) of hydraulic power and 12 mm (1/2″) material
  • Hole sizes up to 125 mm (5″)
  • X-axis length up to 3655 mm (144″)
  • Y-axis depth up to 1220 mm (48″)
  • Plain English programming
  • +/- .125 mm (.005″) accuracy, +/- .075 mm (.003″) repeatability
  • Metric or English measurement
  • Structural shape punching capability
  • Off-line programming and storage software – optional on 1000 Series
  • 28XX tooling
  • 3-hour install with 1524
  • 3-day install with 1000 Series Fabricators

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CNC Fabricator Features
Hydraulic Punching Power

Hydraulic system provides the advantage of shock-free,full-tonnage power throughout each stroke.

  • 50 Ton punching capacity
  • Holes to 5″ diameter
  • Punch materials to 1/4″ thick with standard strippers
  • Punch materials to 1/2″ thick with optional strippers
  • Use standard 28XX tooling
  • Stroke length adjustment easily accessible to provide most efficient stroke for material thickness
Forming Capabilities

Optional pressure switch cycle control allows forming and shaping of standards and specials.

  • Louvers
  • Countersinks
  • Knockouts
  • Extrusions
  • Coins
  • Specials
Angle/Channel Iron Option

Special stripper and punch adapter assembly convert the 1524 CNC for fabricating angle and channel iron.

  • Requires no machine modification
  • Easily installed
  • Includes point of operation guarding
  • Clears 3″ leg up
Panelgage 1000M CNC Control

Operator-friendly, machine-mounted control requires no special training for programmers.

  • Multiple part program storage in nonvolatile memory—200 programs (estimated)
  • Additional storage easily added using PC
  • Full program review, edit and manual display
  • Conversation-type, plain English programming
  • Optional offline programming and translation (for existing Panelgage programs) software for your PC
Simple Canned Cycle Programming

Six canned cycles simplifies programming. Enter the coordinates and pattern from the part drawing and the control establishes the location of each punch cycle.

Fast, Easy Installation

Trouble-free installation typically handled by purchaser. Installation assistance available as an option.

  • Lift off transport and set in place
  • Level and secure to floor
  • Connect to electrical power sources
  • Home axes and align punch and die
MODEL 1524 MODEL 1530 MODEL 1548
445 kN (50 tons) 445 kN (50 tons) 445 kN (50 tons)
610 mm (24″) Y-axis 760 mm (30″) Y-axis 1220 mm (48″) Y-axis
915 mm (36″) X-axis 1830 mm (72″) X-axis 1830 mm (72″) X-axis
1630 mm (72″) X-axis option 3050 mm (120″) X-axis option 3050 mm (120″) X-axis option
3655 mm (144″) X-axis option 3655 mm (144″) X-axis option
1000M Series Control 1000M Series Control 1000M Series Control
Installation CD-ROM
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